Total Visibility = Total Control

Total Visibility = Total Control

Take control of your Hotel Management operations and learn how Sidekick has been helping to deliver real change in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Sidekick empowers Operational Teams to deliver the highest standards of service, delivering:

Complete Operational Visibilty

Sidekick’s suite of mobile dashboards and 300+ operational reports help you keep your finger on the pulse and maintain control. Report performance metrics at property, region or group level.

Pre-Configured Maintenance Programs

Guarantee compliance to your Group Operational Standards using Sidekick’s built-in Preventative Maintenance programs.

Reduced Operating Costs

Improve staff productivity with Sidekick’s workflow management tools and benefit from a low-cost cloud infrastructure.

Extended Asset Life

Critically, protect your investment and manage all aspect of Asset Lifecycle including procurement, maintenance, capital planning and replacement using Sidekick’s Asset Lifecycle Management.

Easy to Use Mobile App

Maintenance systems need to be easy to use. Sidekick’s state-of-the-art mobile app allows all staff to work quickly and easily on any device.

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