M1 - Hospitality Operations Software

Launched in 2001, M1 is the pioneering product of Q2 solutions and a first-generation hotel management system designed to support the streamlining of hotel maintenance operations, cost management, and guest relations enhancement via a common modular platform. A key objective of M1 is to empower hotel staff to effectively handle guest requests, providing a consistent level of service linked to heightened guest satisfaction. Users of M1 hotel management software further realize the following benefits;


  1. Increased operational effectiveness and efficiency
  2. Increased revenue from guest satisfaction reviews
  3. Increased investment and return on assets
  4. Compliance security
  5. Competitive advantage


M1 targets three key areas for benefits enhancement; communications, service, and engineering.

M1 - Hospitality Operations Software
M1 - Hospitality Software Solution
Communications PackService CentreEngineering
Mobilize workforce – requests sent to the right people in the right place and at the right timeCentral repository for hotel guest requestsPreventative Maintenance (PM) to protect asset investment and reduce repair costs
Reduce administrative burden by recording all actions for later analysisSupport hotel guest recognitionAutomated PM to enhance staff efficiency
Rapid response-time to delight hotel guestsModules for concierge, housekeeping, engineering, and other service departmentsMinimize hotel guest-exposure to faulty equipment
Escalation of incomplete requestsMaintain hotel guest history and profileControl and measure performance of contractors
Monitor staff availability for requests

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Feel free to contact us on BDM@q2solutions.com.au for a comprehensive hospitality operations software solution demo to help you discover how its capabilities can serve you.