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 M1 Engineering - Preventative Maintenance

M1 Engineering delivers a powerful set of tools to automate preventative maintenance programs and assist with the management of contractors as well as track utility usage and manage stock control.

Ensuring Optimal Asset Availability

Key to ensuring longevity of your equipment and optimal asset availability is an effective preventative maintenance regime. This pro-active approach to preventative maintenance reduces repair costs and supports asset availability during peak usage periods, which will ensure your guests are not inconvenienced by breakdowns.

Track Maintenance Costs

M1 Engineering automatically calculates appropriate maintenance routines and prompts when maintenance is due. The system monitors costs for labour, materials, contractors and other costs which may include downtime or lost productivity costs.

M1 Engineering streamlines preventative maintenance

Employees and Contractors

M1 Engineering stores details of contractors and employees, providing fast access to this key information. Once employees and contractors are established in the system, work orders can be emailed directly, facilitating rapid turnaround of requests.

Stock Control

All spare parts and material can be defined in M1 Stock Control, saving time and money spent on sourcing spare parts. The system tracks location, stock on hand and other important information. M1 can also keep track of re-order status for those parts that are in high demand and frequently used.

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